Study Shows 20% Of Time Wasted Within IT

Wasted Time in IT

A study by the University of Copenhagen and Roskilde University has revealed that computer problems are responsible for us wasting between 11 and 20 per cent of our time.  How The Study Worked  The study involved 234 participants, in varying jobs (and education) including students, accountants, consultants and IT workers who spent between six and…

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MSPs – Don’t Make Me Think!

“Above the Fold” is a concept in web design that refers to the portion of a webpage that is visible without scrolling. It’s a term borrowed from the newspaper industry, where the most important stories are placed “above the fold” of the paper to catch the reader’s attention. Continue reading … …Free MSP Standard Access…

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MSP : Using The Ego Trap

Tech Insight : What Are SPF, DKIM, And DMARC Records?

Capitalising on Ego Traps: Some Potential Persuasion for Managed IT Services Some recent research by Dolinski, Grzyb & Kulesza explores a new social influence technique called the “egotistic trap”. I personally call it the “Emperors New Clothes Trap” and here you’ll see why. Here are the main points : First of all – the Concept:…

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Google Announces New ‘Teachable Machine 2.0’ No-Code Machine Learning Model Generator

Two years on from its first incarnation, Google has announced the introduction of its ‘Teachable Machine 2.0’, a no-code custom machine learning model generating platform that can be used by anyone and requires no coding experience. First Version Back in 2017, Google introduced its first version of Teachable Machine which enabled anyone to teach their computer…

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