Google Flights Can Show Cheapest Times To Book

Google Flights

With last-minute holidays on people’s minds (as well as current delays and disruption) Google has announced a new money-saving feature for Google Flights which shows users the cheapest time to book.  What Is Google Flights?  Google Flights, introduced back in 2011, is Google’s online flight booking search service which allows users to search for airline…

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Opting Out Of AI-Targeting

User Targetting

The EU’s new Digital Services Act allows social media users to opt out of AI personalised content feeds based on relevance.  What Is The DSA?  The Digital Services Act is a new EU Law designed to protect users. It applies to any digital company operating and serving the EU with “very large online platforms” (those with over…

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Ancient Data-Disasters

Library Of Alexandria

So far in 2023, Canada’s had wildfires devouring over 30 million acres, an expanse comparable to Kentucky. This has already surpassed Canada’s earlier record set in 1989, where flames ravaged more than 18 million acres.As the wildfire-season isn’t over yet, using the 1989 figures (much less than 2023) 18 million acres could yield in the…

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Online Lead Magnets for MSPs

Overview In general, the output of a website that’s designed to create leads can be expressed as :Leads = Visitor Traffic x Conversion Rate % Continue reading … …Free MSP Standard Access Required Thank you for reading MSP Marketplace Create your FREE account or login to continue reading Login Username or E-mail Password Remember Me…

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Python in Excel … So What?

Python in Excel

Following the announcement that Microsoft is releasing a public preview of Python in Excel, we look at what this will mean for Excel users and how it could help businesses.  What Is Python?  The initial version was created in the late 1980s by Guido van Rossum, with its first official release, Python 0.9.0, coming out…

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Zoom Data Concerns

Zoom Data Concerens

In this article, we look at why Zoom found itself as the subject of a backlash over an online update to its terms related to AI, what its response has been, plus what this says about how businesses feel about AI.  What Happened?  Communications app Zoom updated its terms of service in March but following…

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Subscription Sales Scrutiny

Following the news that US Federal regulators have sued Amazon, alleging that people have been “tricked” into buying hard-to-cancel Prime memberships, we take a closer look at ‘inertia selling’.  What Happened With Amazon Prime Subscriptions?  Back at the end of June, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that it was taking action against…

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iPhone Battery Risk Warning 

Apple has issued a warning to iPhone users about the dangers of practices like charging a phone under a blanket or pillow at night, risking overheating and posing a fire risk.  Danger From Prolonged Heat Exposure  In a wide ranging post on the iPhone user-guide section of Apple’s website, the company warns about the dangers…

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AI-Camera Captures More Motorists

A free-standing AI road safety camera system deployed in Cornwall caught 300 drivers in the first three days.  How It Works  The camera system, on the A30 near Launceston, implemented by road safety tech firm Acusensus in partnership with Vision Zero South West, records clear images of passing vehicles (and of the driver) thanks to…

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The Ansoff Matrix For MSP Marketing Strategies

In the competitive world of Managed Service Providers, standing out and reaching the right audience is crucial so the Ansoff Matrix, which is a strategic planning tool, offers a structured approach to explore growth opportunities. Continue reading … …Free MSP Standard Access Required Thank you for reading MSP Marketplace Create your FREE account or login…

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