Study Shows 20% Of Time Wasted Within IT

Wasted Time in IT

A study by the University of Copenhagen and Roskilde University has revealed that computer problems are responsible for us wasting between 11 and 20 per cent of our time.  How The Study Worked  The study involved 234 participants, in varying jobs (and education) including students, accountants, consultants and IT workers who spent between six and…

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Time Presentation For MSPs

iPhone Radiation

For More of MKLINK’s MSP MBA Marketing & IT Training Resources, Make Sure You’ve Registered your account for free now at www. Time Presentation For MSPs Some interesting results came back from an academic paper in 2022 by 3 researchers  Jeong Hwang and Suk.  Their research  studied  2129 participants which showed how the presentation of…

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11% Of Female Gamers Left Suicidal By Online Abuse

Tech News : 11% Of Female Gamers Left Suicidal By Online Abuse

New Sky Broadband research has revealed that the level of abuse suffered by female online gamers from male gamers has been so strong that over one-in-ten (11 per cent) have been left feeling suicidal.  Shocking Levels of Harassment and Abuse  The level of harassment and abuse revealed by the statistics in the study is shocking. For example, some…

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