AI Content Legal Challenges

Featured Article : AI Content Legal Challenges

Following a copyright lawsuit against an AI code generator and industry questions about who actually owns images made by AI text-to-image generators, we look at the legal issues (and others) surrounding generative AI.  The Issue  The recent lawsuit and questions from coders, artists, musicians, and other creatives show that the challenge is that there is…

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New Deadline To Remove Huawei

Tech News : New Deadline To Remove Huawei

Following the UK government’s decision back in June 2020 to remove all Huawei Equipment From 5G Network Cores, the deadline has now been pushed back to December 2023.  Why Remove Huawei Equipment?  The decision to remove the equipment in the UK dates back to the Trump era in the US, however worries about national security…

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What Is A Discord Server?

Tech Insight : What is a Discord Server?

In this insight, we look at what a ‘Discord server’ is, how to set one up, and the pros and cons of Discord servers.  What Is It?  Launched in 2015, ‘Discord’ ( is a (free to access) voice, video and text chat app where users can set up their own public server / dedicated virtual…

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