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Blockchain Bill

In this insight, we look at the introduction of the Electronic Trade Documents Act 2023 (ETDA), what…

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Monopoly Commission

Why Is There Only One Monopoly Commission?

In this insight, we take closer look at the subject of tech companies getting into trouble over…

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Featured Article : Temporary Climb-Down By UK Government

Temporary Climb-Down By UK Government

In an apparent admission of defeat, the UK government has conceded that requiring scanning of platforms like…

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Tech News : EU Teams To Be Unbundled From 365

EU Teams To Be Unbundled From 365

Following pressure resulting from a formal investigation by the European Commission over a possible breach of competition…

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Fitbit Data Transfer Complaints

Vienna-based advocacy group ‘Noyb’ has filed complaints against Google-owned Fitbit, alleging that it has violated the EU’s…

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Subscription Sales Scrutiny

Following the news that US Federal regulators have sued Amazon, alleging that people have been “tricked” into…

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