EU Teams To Be Unbundled From 365

Tech News : EU Teams To Be Unbundled From 365

Following pressure resulting from a formal investigation by the European Commission over a possible breach of competition rules, Microsoft has announced that it will begin unbundling Teams from Office 365 and Microsoft 365 in European markets.  Antitrust Investigation  Following a complaint by Slack three years ago, this July the European Commission opened an antitrust investigation…

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EU Wants AI-Generated Content Labelled

Tech News : EU Wants AI-Generated Content Labelled

In a recent press conference, the European Union said that to help tackle disinformation, it wants the major online platforms to label AI generated content.  The Challenge – AI Can Be Used To Generate And Spread Disinformation  In the press conference, Vĕra Jourová (the vice-president in charge of values and transparency with the European Commission)…

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Fewer Cookie Pop-Ups – But At What Cost?

Fewer Cookie Pop-Ups - But At What Cost?

A government Bill has laid out a new UK data protection regime (which diverges from EU regulations) and which the government says will ease the burden of compliance on businesses.  Data Reform Bill  The government says that the ‘Data Reform Bill’, announced in this year’s Queen’s Speech, and outlined as part of London Tech Week,…

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Google Acted On Less Than Half Of Requests To Remove URLs

Google’s latest Transparency Report reveals that of the 2.4 million requests made since 2014 to remove certain URLs from its search results, Google has only complied with less than half. Removal Requests The removal requests relate to a ruling by the European Union’s Court of Justice in May 2014 which said that Google and other…

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