11% Of Female Gamers Left Suicidal By Online Abuse

Tech News : 11% Of Female Gamers Left Suicidal By Online Abuse

New Sky Broadband research has revealed that the level of abuse suffered by female online gamers from male gamers has been so strong that over one-in-ten (11 per cent) have been left feeling suicidal. 

Shocking Levels of Harassment and Abuse 

The level of harassment and abuse revealed by the statistics in the study is shocking. For example, some of the main findings include: 

- Almost half of UK women gamers have suffered abuse online, with 80 per cent of messages sexual in nature, leaving just over half (52 per cent) feeling worried about abuse when playing video games online. 

- Over a third (35 per cent) of women gamers said they have received violent messages in the past and 31 per cent have ben been driven to lie about their gender to remain anonymous during online gameplay. 

- Over a third (40 per cent) have said they felt personally threatened by the abuse they’ve experienced online, with 27 per cent feeling worried about being attacked in real life following threats made on gaming platforms. 

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