Rampant Referrals for MSPs – Part 8

As a quick recap from last time, we looked at the 4 main ‘silos’ of communication that can be sabotaged, which were :

1 – Internal to Internal : i.e. MSP Staff to MSP Staff
2 – Internal to External : MSP Staff to Stakeholder’s Staff
3 – External to External : Stakeholder’s Staff to Stakeholder’s Staff
4 – External (Internal) to External (External) : Stakeholders’ Staff To Stakeholders’ Stakeholders

This time we’ll look at the situations around how communications can be sabotaged. This will then enable you to create a matrix of stakeholders and situations, meaning that you’ll have a whole new world to map out in terms of where you can improve communications for referrals.  

As always, we’ll start with Why. I.e. reasons why you don’t get more referrals.

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