Rampant Referrals for MSPs – Part 10

As a quick recap, last time we looked at the product matrix :

– What you do sell
– What you could/should sell
– Outlining where the Gaps are on the Matrix
– Reviewing increasing Sales  – Increasing Value x Volume
– Increase prices of items within the basket
– Increasing the average size of existing items within the basket (Upselling)
– Increase types of items within the basket (Cross Selling)
– Increasing Frequency of Purchase (Breakfix to MRR Model)

So, if you tend to sell more ‘stuff’ each time you see a client, then have your client reviews 6-monthly instead of annually. Or Quarterly. Or whatever the highest frequency is appropriate without too much push-back.

Now, we’ll be looking at a ‘Communications Framework’ to help you communicate your value to your network. Before that though, we need to remember the stakeholders that we want to communicate with. The reason I’m labouring this point is because people usually just think in terms of clients and prospects ( at best). However, if you write this framework out of all the various stakeholders for reference, you can come back to it again and again – and you should – because each one of these stakeholders will have their own opportunities for communication. Here they are :

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