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Why Choose CFC ?

CFC Underwriting offers comprehensive Cyber Insurance, protecting businesses across the globe from digital threats and risks.

With cyber threats evolving at an alarming rate, CFC's innovative policies are designed to safeguard against a vast range of scenarios, including data breaches, system interruption, extortion, and regulatory investigations.

Furthermore, they offer first-party and third-party coverages that are crucial for today’s digitally dependent businesses. Its specialist services also include pre-breach and post-breach support, aiding clients in strengthening their cyber resilience. Access to an in-house team of experts, including cyber incident response professionals, lawyers, and PR specialists, ensures businesses have the support they need to tackle any cyber eventuality.

MSPs can adapt CFC's Cyber Insurance policies to their needs, creating a bespoke defence against a growing digital threat landscape.

Learn more about their versatile, cutting-edge Cyber Insurance solutions and how they can work with your MSP business.

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