Today one of the most serious problems in the world is the threat of terrorism and extremism. Efforts of all States aimed to combat terrorism, overshadowed by the wayside the effects of terror-the work with children and families affected by terrorist action.

Open Heart was established in order to withstand the rising poverty in many regions of our world as well as to offer necessary assistance that many families and children lack. It includes medical aid, education, and psychological help. We also help unprivileged children and orphans from around the world. One of the directions of our Foundation is to help children from third-world countries.

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Our volunteers

Pip Jones

Pip helps charities reduce costs by optimising their CRM deployment.

Alan Smith

As a qualified surgeon, Alan decided to devote himself to helping poor children in Africa.

Sam Kromstain

Sam took a year off after finishing college to help children in Brazil together with his elder sister.

Julie Herzigova

Julie continued her career of a nurse participating in Open Heart charity medical program in Nairobi, Kenya.

our Short History

Our Foundation was established in the year 2009 and brought together two groups of people: volunteers who worked at children's hospitals and offices, helping seriously ill children and foster parents who took their families of orphaned children and children deprived of parental care.

Our team is not afraid of the new, always ready to listen to your ideas in the social sphere and to promote their most effective implementation. We are proud that every year more philanthropists and volunteers join us, because it says that there are many caring people willing to come to the aid of the those who are in need.

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